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Spoon Money Stokvel is building a community finance group. The aim is your financial growth, both in the short- and long-term. Using a stokvel mechanism and practices, we primarily encourage saving and support savers with affordable working capital (loans) to boost their businesses.

Aims and Objectives

To stimulate township economies in order to build thriving communities.
To grow savings for members for emergency needs and for long-term savings

How Spoon Works - Membership

You join as a group of at least five (5) women who all have a business trading informally.
It is important that you know each other VERY well, are and remain in regular contact and trust each other with money.

The behaviour of members impacts all members. Therefore, we encourage membership with people who are:

  • Honest and have high integrity
  • Committed to improve themselves, their families and the community.
There is a member application form which must be completed and some of this info will need updating on a monthly basis.
A R50 per member non-refundable joining fee applies. This fee is used to check member credentials.
Your group will be assigned to a Community Hub and your group is obligated to attend monthly meetings.